The KIT ! Make up Artistry Supplies and Tools

Nothing gets a makeup artist more excited than cosmetics products. Having an extensive and sanitized kit is key, also having an up-to-date inventory list is a good idea. If you find yourself with a very large kit, which means it's very expensive, look into different insurance plans to have it covered.

Here is a list of products which are needed to apply for the union, it's essential to have all these products when working on set. I recommend having all equipment, supplies as well as disposable materials included in this list. Product will of course depend on which category of makeup you will be working in. 

Product, equipment, supplies and materials
• Hand mirror
• Scissors
• Pallette & spatulas • Tweezers
• Sharpeners
• Water mister
• Tissues
• Q-tips
• Cotton balls/pads • Powder puffs
• Sea sponge
• Latex sponges
• Skin cleansers • Toners
• Hand cream
• Moisturizers
• Sunscreen • Stipple sponge (fine/coarse) • Brush cleaner • Red rubber sponge
• Eye drops • Eye make-up remover
• KY Jelly • Tear stick & blower
• Sweat gel
• Liquid bandage • Alcohol 99%
• Alcohol 70%

Shaving- Electric razor, disposable razors, shaving foam, styptic liquid, beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer, small scissors, moustache wax

Foundations- A good selection of shades for all skin tones, cream, and liquid form. It is recommended to use established professional brands, e.g., Visioria, Cinema Secrets, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Ben Nye. At least three shades of each tone are required, in beige, olive, red, and dark.

Concealers- Derma colour palettes, under-eye concealers, red and blue neutralizer, beard cover.

Powders- Various shades of powders in both loose and pressed (including a no-colour powder), anti-shine in light and dark.

Body Make-up- Liquid or cake, in at least four shades.

Blush- A good assortment of colours in powder and cream. Bronzers in powder and cream.

Eyeshadow- Colours for both natural, glamour, and period.

Eyeliners- Pencil, liquid & cream in black, charcoal/grey, brown, and blue.

Lashes/Mascara-  Black and brown mascara in both water soluble and water proof , both strip lashes and individual lashes, lash adhesive, disposable wands.

Lip Colour- A wide range of colours in matte and frosted shades, some specialty colours for period work. Lip gloss and liners. Various lip balms.

Nail Kit- Various polishes in clear, neutrals, & fashion colours, nail glue & remover, disposable emery boards, nail tips, nail polish remover, quick dry spray, orangewood sticks, cuticle cream

Dirt- Colours in charcoal, Texas dirt, plains dust, and clean grease.

Blood- Reel blood, mint mouth blood, gel blood, fresh scab, dark flowing blood, and gel caps.

Adhesives- Matt adhesive, silicone adhesive, and prosaide. Plus removers for all different adhesive types.

Out of Kit FX- Scar making material, plastic sealer, collodian, bruise and burn wheel, cream beard stipple, cream death colours, reel colour or skin illustrator palette, sunburn stipple, and molding wax.

Hair Kit- Crepe and human hair (assorted colours), adhesives, removers, hair whitener, and scissors. 
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Here are a list of cosmetic brands commonly used amongst beauty pros:

-Chanel, Bobbi brown, Georgio armani, Sappho cosmetics, Nars, Makeup-forever, Laura Mercier, Stila, Visiora, Cinema secrets, Kryolan, Christian Dior, Tarte, Ben Nye, Yves St. Laurent, Chantecaille, MAC, Benefit, Kevyn Aucoin, Urban decay, Cargo, Cle de peau, Lancome, Shu umera, Duwop, Lorac, Scott Barnes, Loreal, Smashbox, Avon, Burt's bees, Inglot, Clinique, Naked cosmetics, Shiseido, Josie Maran, Burberry, Gueralin, Hourglass cosmetics, Givenchy and Becca.
Like I mentioned earlier, do your research and see what's indigenously available in your area, it doesn't hurt to do a little bit of everything to see what it is you truly like and want to do.

Try to have an open mind and be ready to receive constructive criticism along the way. It will help you in the end, and remember; you wont work a day in your life if you do what you love!

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