Television & Film Industry Make up in Vancouver BC

- On-set makeup artist Vancouver: for feature films, television series, independent films, music videos, news, and commercials.

There are special requirements to work in film in Vancouver ! Most are committed perfectionists who have no problem working 12-18 hours a day in sometimes harsh environmental conditions and still say at the end of the day, "I love my job".  Knowing about set etiquette, continuity, call sheets and makeup design are as important as knowing how to do a beauty makeup, out-of-kit effects, application of 3D prosthetics, aging makeup or hair laying- which you must know how to do.

A Key makeup artist in Vancouver is the department head, as well as a special effects makeup artists, who is reasonable for designing the makeups and discussing with the director how they will proceed. If special effects is required, impressions will be taken of the actors head and a mold is produced to create appliances/prosthetics for the show or movie. The key will then estimate how many appliances will be needed, work within a budget and place an order to the special effects shop.  During Vancouver preproduction camera tests are done to see how the makeup appears in different lighting sources, if needed adjustments are made depending on surrounding environment. Different colour gels or hot lights also play a role in determining the type of makeup. During production makeup artists process cast before the rest of the crew has arrived. Be prepared to wake up early! Typically the head of department for hair and makeup will briefly discuss which department will process which performer first, to conserve time. Throughout the day the job consists of touch-ups and maintenance as well as heading back to the makeup trailer to process cast who's call time is later in the day.

While filming in Vancouver, makeup artists stand behind the monitor to ensure the actor looks his/her best. When the shooting day ends we head back to the trailer to remove makeup from all remaining cast. In addition ensure all continuity notes are completed, file photos, prepare for the next day and fill out time cards. The key will also prepare the call sheet for the next day with the second assistant director.

Depending on the caliber of the show a key may more than one full-time assistant. A first assistants responsibilities vary depending on the size of the production. Typically the job entails assisting the key with whatever they need, making sure performers are looked after, setting up and maintaining work stations, ensuring the trailer is fully stoked with product, purchasing supplies, informing day-call makeup artists hats expected of them on the day (we'll get more in-depth of the requirements and duties of a day-call/2nd assistant makeup artists) and also maintaining the continuity book.

If there is a scene which requires a lot of background,  day-call makeup artists will be called in for that day. Again, the responsibilities vary depending on the production but typically the artists are required to set up their kit in "background holdings"  and process everyone in the manner which is required for the scene. Whether it be a era specific makeup or special effects makeup everyone in background holdings goes through makeup, hair and wardrobe. 

In film industry Make up in Vancouver you must be prepared to work extremely long hours and possibly be away from home for long periods of time. The work can also be physically demanding due to the long hours of standing and running back and fourth from the trailer. If you are just starting out remember your eagerness to help and learn as well as having a good attitude goes a long way! 

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