Fashion & Beauty Make Up in Vancouver

-Fashion and Beauty Print artists:
 includes Vancouver photo shoots for magazines, catalogue work and advertising materials.

As a fashion makeup artist you may be required to work at various locations; outdoor or in studio. High fashion makeup artists are represented by an agency that will secure bookings and subtract a commission from your salary. Typical duties after getting booked will include discussing the theme of the shoot as well as how many different looks will be required, with the client and preparing your makeup kit with essential materials needed for the shoot.

Upon arrival the makeup artist will cleanse and moisturize the skin and start application. Income will vary, depending on the type of shoot. A good way to get your foot in the door is by assisting a high fashion makeup artist and also through networking with local photographers. Early stages in your career you may find yourself working to build your portfolio and that's ok! We all went through that.

-Retail and marketing Make up in Vancouver: sales associate, demo artist, regional trainer.

Many many options when it comes to the world of retail. It starts with counter artists and works up to regional trainers and brand ambassadors. Working out of a retail store may require a license. Counter artists are typically required to meet sales goals and assist in servicing clients with any beauty questions or concerns they may have. Demo artists, also known as "freelance" do not work in the retailer full-time, they are hired on a short term bases. Seasonal events are prepared at the retailer and demo artists are typically hired for that day. A demo artist can work for many lines at once and are able to pick and choose which event they prefer to work at. Regional trainers are hired to promote and educate the product and services and also increase sales. Perks include gratis (free product)

-Bridal Make up Artist Vancouver:
  wedding and wedding parties.

Typically a consultation is booked prior to the wedding date to ensure smooth sailing the day of. During this time the makeup artist and bride will discuss different looks and options as well as address any questions or concerns the bride may have. It is highly recommended that a deposit is accepted upon booking to prevent any last minute cancellations. Do some research and see what other makeup artists are charging in your area. On the day of, you may be required to have an assistant with you depending on the amount of people getting their makeup done, and how much time you will be given.

- Aesthetics and cosmetology
: skin care and spa atmosphere

A license is required for both fields. Aesthetics (or esthetics) is specifically related to skincare. This includes analyzing skin types, prescribing skincare regimes, facials, masks, wraps, treatments, microdermabrasion, aromatherapy, waxing, and eyelash tinting.
Cosmetology is a more broad term that includes a variety of beauty services such as hair, skin, nails, and makeup.


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