Alternative Make up artistry Carreers in Vancouver

- Teaching: makeup institute.

A popular choice for knowledgable makeup artists who have many years of experience in the industry and feel they would like to make a contribution to the world of makeup. Requires patience, good communicational skills and extensive knowledge in the category they are teaching. 

- Manufacturing and distribution:
the business side of things.

Learning about and working in manufacturing and distribution can be quite interesting. Can include cosmetic chemistry which involves product development, establishing margins and minimum purchase orders, as well as attending trade shows globally to market the company. A manufacturer services companies or retailers with specific product, packaging or labeling in mass amounts of volume.

- Mortuary cosmetology: funeral home beautician.

Most of the artists working in this category are sub-contracted to several funeral homes at once. This job is not for the faint of heart, it requires someone who is emotionally strong. Job description includes applying makeup on a deceased person as well as restoration to any facial disfiguration there may be. Must have experience with sculpting wax and working with foam rubber. Are also required to dress the body and style hair.

- Anaplastology:
branch of medicine involving prosthetics rehabilitation in absence or disfiguration on the face or body.

An anaplastologist must be knowledgable in both science and art. They provide life-changing alternatives to corrective surgery, and study apprehensively in illustration, sculpture, visual arts, color theory, dermatology, physics, superficial anatomy, oncology, physiology of humans, polymer science, and otolaryngology. Certification in this field is provided by the BCCA (Board for Certification in Clinical Anaplastology) 

- Social media & networking:
youtube, facebook, instagram, blogger, just to name a few.

As we all know, many makeup artists have dedicated much time and effort into creating a solid fan base for themselves by uploading makeup tutorials or creating makeup blogs. Accessible and convenient for the "everyday" consumer who may not have a clue how to do a smokey eye or apply false lashes for example. In order to begin blogging and create a youtube makeup channel, one must consider a few things- What will be your demographic, how will you present yourself to your audience, do you have the proper webcam, lighting, backdrop etc? Once established, perks include free product from cosmetics lines in hopes that you will test and promote their product.

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