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Wedding Makeup Vancouver

Wedding makeup: Servicing brides of all ethnic backgrounds and different ages, customer service is the first priority, along with reliability and artistry skills. Rebekah's mobile services covers all aspects of beauty makeup, including, makeup consultations, eyebrow clinics and of course bridal makeup.
Bringing out the very best features in all clients as well as making each bride feel current and glamorous is always a goal. Attention to detail and helping a bride feel as beautiful as she can be on her big day.

Her creativity and understanding of what each bride desires is whats lead her the opportunity to work in the wedding industry.

TV and Film Make up Vancouver

T.V and Film: Rebekah Bak has worked on features as well as t.v series in Vancouver, B.C. Some recent work would include "The Possession", "Continuum" and "Arctic Air". All different aspects of makeup is required to work in film and shes experienced with application of prosthetics, mold making and special effects. Professional and reliable, she loves the variety of people encountered in film and the long hours.

Having also worked on music videos and commercials, Rebekah's passion and love for makeup artistry is whats lead her to work on many different projects.

Headshot Makeup Vancouver

Headshots: The client has to feel comfortable and confident when getting their picture taken. I think communication is key. Really understanding what they're trying to express and what their limits are. I usually first start by asking what their daily makeup routine is base what I do, somewhat, on that.

Enhancing their key features and balancing out imperfections is essential. Always staying tuned with what is current, and product knowledge is important. Also having a kit with options is good, as there are many people with allergies these days. Some popular products are Armani foundations, Laura mercier concealers, Bobbi brown eyeshadows, Makeup forever aqua line, Nars blushes and Lorac bronzers.

Makeup Demo Artist

Demo artist: Rebekah Bak is an experienced demo artist and has worked in New York, L.A, and South Korea. She's worked closely with industry retailors, cosmetic lines as well as distributors. Loving to share all "tricks of the trade" where ever she goes, teaching has always been a passion.



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